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Tips & Techniques:

Dynamic Ways to Reward, Energize & Motivate Your Teams


As featured in Business Week, Kiplinger's and Bloomberg Business. Compiled and written by author and management consultant Gregory P. Smith


Are you looking for ideas to motivate your workforce? Need some easy to implement suggestions on reward and recognition? Does your workforce need something to keep them motivated?  Are your staff meetings boring and unproductive?

Look no further. Here is the solution you have been looking for.

 TNT provides tried and true techniques that work right now!

Over 230 easy-to-implement techniques that will improve performance, cut costs and improve teamwork. These techniques will show you how to get employee suggestions as well as hundreds of no-cost or low cost techniques to keep people motivated and energized.


Thank you for the TNT book- It has a lot of good information in it. I was looking for ways to have fun in the workplace and this book is just what I was looking for. --Marva Thomas

Applying these tips will have an immediate impact on raising employee motivation, building teams, and improving customer service. Learn how to initiate innovative programs such as Idea Campaigns, Idea Olympics and other initiatives making work efficient, fun and productive.

Here are a few of the tips, ideas, and suggestions you will read about:

Employee Dollars: At Phoenix Solutions Inc. employees award an "employee dollar" to fellow employees who do something special or exceed company expectations. Each month the employee with the most dollars gets movie tickets, dinner, and a plaque with their name as "Employee of the Month." 

Man Overboard Award: CIGNA believes in rewarding employees who goes over and beyond for their customers. The Man Overboard Award is a life-saving ring, which the president presents to an employee at a special ceremony. CIGNA also pays teams for implemented ideas that improve productivity with awards as high as $25,000.

Engineering Bucks: The technicians at Weather Channel in Atlanta created their own recognition system--called Tech Bucks. All they did was Xerox a dollar bill and give five of them out at the beginning of each month. They give them to each other for doing a good job. At the end of the month they tally up who got the most and the winner gets a special prize.

Dancing the Macarena: Employees at PeopleSoft, Inc. still havenít forgotten the day that CEO David Duffield danced the Macarena in front of 500 happy co-workers. Duffield does not act like a boss. His office is a cubicle; he answers his own phone and opens his own mail. Annual employee turnover is three percent, or one-quarter of the national average. Employees who earn outstanding service awards get either $500 in cash or 100 stock options.

After Dinner Phone Call: Even though you took time during the work day to thank the employee who went "above and beyond," go a step further and call them at home after dinner to say thanks. You might be surprised how much this can mean.

Thrilling Thursdays: Nike Employees in Beaverton, Oregon canít wait for Thursday to roll around. They stop work at 4:30 in the afternoon and after some beer and soda they kayak across a lake, race bikes and compete in a 600-yard run.

and hundreds more. . .

We have spent hundreds of hours researching the best organizations on their proven tips and techniques. These ideas and tips have been summarized for you in this book. Learn what Nike does to motivate their workforce. You will discover how leading edge companies capture ideas and transform them into productivity enhancing solutions.

I bought your book - Tips 'n Techniques. I'm already using some ideas for our Staff Retreat in July.

Jeanie Dobson

Manager, Human Resources
CO-OP Network

Get new ideas to:

Motivate your employees

Create productive meetings

Reduce absenteeism

Use peer recognition to motivate reluctant team members

Solve problems faster

Create productive work environments

Use non-cash incentives in a positive way

Accelerate team performance

Reduce employee turnover and make people feel appreciated

Provide exceptional customer service



Creating the Dynamic Workplace


The five-steps for creating a work environment leading to high productivity.


Chapter 1

Managing Team Ideas and Suggestions  


Over 38 ideas on how to create employee suggestion programs such as Suggestion Exhibits, Suggestion Competitions, Continuous Improvement Programs, Idea Campaigns, including how Harley-Davidson saved $3M in one 30-day program.

Chapter 2

Energizing and Motivating Your Team


CIGNA has the "Man Overboard Award" to reward employees who go over and beyond for their customers.  Another 58 tips on low-cost or no-cost incentives to keep your workforce motivated and interested in their jobs. Such as "Safety Jackpot," "Butts for Balls," and "Enthusiastic Starts." 


Chapter 3

Removing Barriers and Creative Problem-Solving


An "issue board" at S. C. Johnson Wax encourages every employee to participate in problem solving. The team leader or department head tapes a piece of flip-chart paper on a wall and writes the problem/issue at the top of the sheet. . .28 other tips such as "Take-a-risk coupons," "Theybusters," and how Sharp uses Gold Badges to insure top priority projects get the highest priority.


Chapter 4

Finding, Attracting & Hiring Team Members


How successful businesses keep a steady stream of high-quality candidates coming in.


Chapter 5

Customer Service


How is your customer service? Over 35 innovative ideas on improving your level of service. Learn about "Guest Service Fanatics" at Disney, and how a small Boston furniture store sells more furniture per square foot than any other store in America.


Chapter 6

Improving Communication and Meetings


Tired of boring meetings? Waste too much time in meetings. Learn over 20 strategies on how to improve communication and meetings in your organization. Organizations in Japan practice "Chorei" staff meetings lasting under 10 minutes.


Chapter 7

Team Leadership

Johnsonville Foods has been a flagship of productivity improvement. Almost 90% of the workforce belongs to some type of team. The team, not management, decides who is hired, who is fired, who gets a pay raise. Productivity has increased by at least 50%. A twelve-person team from FedEx saved the company almost $1 million in 1 1/2 years by revamping a sorting process used for overnight deliveries and over 20 other how-to's for improving teamwork. 

Chapter 8

Reward & Recognition


Tips and ideas to reward and recognize your workforce including how Nationwide Insurance, customers, managers and peers nominate employees for "service over and above." (SOAR) Regional six-member boards (all volunteers) meet weekly or monthly to review the nominations and select a winner. Thirty other tips such as how employees of Gwinnett County (Georgia) receive perfect attendance certificates for not missing a day of work during the month. This successful program made a significant improvement in the absenteeism level among employees. It was so successful, in fact, that some employees werenít keeping doctor appointments because it would make them ineligible for the monthly award.


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