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Learn the Secret of Employee Retention and How to Improve Job Satisfaction for Today's Workplace


These employee retention lessons and special reports will help you and your organization retain more employees.  Get one lesson a day for seven days, from management consultant and author Greg Smith

Whether you are a community hospital, small business, or a major corporation, employee retention is critical to your success. This nation is currently facing a major shortage of skilled workers in almost every industry. In addition to the worker shortage, there are other factors making employee retention more important than ever before:

  • Growing Job Dissatisfaction - Estimates show 48 to 65 percent of the workforce is dissatisfied with their current employment situation and will jump ship as the economic situation continues to improve. (Chart Your Course International)

  • Job Defections -- Findings reveal that 64 percent of employees said they were extremely likely to begin or increase the intensity of their job search. (Society of Human Resource Managers-Job Recovery Survey)

For the next seven days you will receive content laden articles, tips, and employee retention advice to help you keep employees longer and make them more productive.  This program is completely free and without obligation.  You can unsubscribe at anytime.


Employee Retention and how to improve job satisfaction


This course is written and provided by Greg Smith, President of Chart Your Course International, a management-consulting firm located in Atlanta, Georgia. He shows people how to create best places to work and has developed training programs for some of the best companies to work for such as, SAS, Yamaha, Maxell, Turner Broadcasting, Rollins Inc., King and Spalding, Ace Hardware, AFLAC, Sweetheart Cups, KPMG, Alltell Corporation, Chicago Federal Reserve Bank, The Young Presidents Organization, Wyndham Hotels, UNISYS and Hallmark Cards.


Greg is the author of eight books including Here Today Here Tomorrow: Transforming Your Workforce from High-Turnover to High-Retention and he is one of the nation's leading authorities on employee retention. He is a former Examiner for the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award, this nation's highest award for business excellence.


Harvard University recognized him in their Profiles in Business and Management: An International Directory of Scholars and Their Research.

Improve Job Satisfaction



Here are the Seven Employee Retention Lessons You Will Receive

Lesson 1 -- The Cost of Employee Turnover
Lesson 2 -- Eight Strategies That Drive High Retention
Lesson 3 -- The Real Reasons People Quit Their Jobs
Lesson 4 -- The Missing Ingredient Employees Need from Their Managers
Lesson 5 --
Six Steps for Designing an Effective Retention Strategy
Lesson 6 -- Where Businesses Go Wrong: Employee Orientation and Onboarding Process

Lesson 7 --
Dr. Jeykl or Mr. Hyde? Recruit and Select the Right People



You Also Get These Reports and Surveys

Navigator Newsletter


#1 - Monthly subscription to the Navigator Newsletter including tips on leadership, employee retention, business growth strategies, management skills, and customer service.


#2 - Report on how to reduce absenteeism and improve attendance at work.


#3 - Article on the "Top-Ten Reasons Employees Quit Their Jobs." employee retention book, free retention


#4 - "Finders Keepers, Losers Weepers: Proven Ways to Retain Your Best Employees": E-book on employee retention.




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TNT: Dynamic Ways to Reward Energize & Motivate Your Team




Includes a Podcast on Transformational Leadership: How to Design a Change Management Strategy to Accelerate Performance and Increase Productivity and six special reports

 -- Creating the High Performance Organization -- Are You a Manager or a Leader? -- How to Manage Negative Employees -- Top Ten Reasons People Quit Their Jobs -- How to Keep Your People Motivated

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